Modern, yet traditional. A story of a German brand founded in 2004. Not every brand can be as celebrated for its movements as Omega or as admired for its designs as Rolex. Some watch brands get their start simply by seeing a chance and grasping it. Such is the story of Theorema Germany. 20 years later it is a valuable addition to the world of watchmaking. The opportunity Theorema acknowledged was not only technological; but as well, it was market driven. We saw an opening for less-expensive yet high-end German wristwatches in the online world and took it. While the brand got its start with a market model, it rapidly moved into more rarefied terrain, creating highly stylish durable timepieces. Theorema watches are both traditional and at the same time sophisticatedly stylish, which can be worn in both a casual and formal setting. Some of our watchmakers have been with us since the start and combined with our online pioneering experience for sure we have engraved a path for success. We are proud that each of our wristwawatches is individually hand-designed and hand-assembled in Germany, never massed produced, while using prime materials. Discover movements such as complicated tourbillon, dual-time, calendars, mechanical skeletons, etc.